Thursday, April 22, 2010

True Love

Nathan used to call it the "beep." Tim's 1947 Willy's jeep. He bought it several years ago because it held some sentimental value to him. It peered over the fence at him,from the neighbors house, while he visited his grandparents in Wyoming. After they both died, it came to live here. I did not esteem his choice of an all around "truck." After all , it only held two people, and only if they held on real tight. Somewhere around here, I have a picture of him with my brother in it, and one of his boys on his lap. It did grow on me though and I eventually came to love it. For an inanimate object, it was quite cute.
Last Saturday, Tim sold it to a family from the U.P. They had two young boys who were all over that little "beep." Their Dad actually drove it home, all the way to Marquette!! Guess they had to stop at Mackinaw City and buy him some long johns...He sold it so he could use some of the money to fix up my Dad's old F-150. Yes, it makes more sense to have a bigger truck for hay hauling and such, but this decision was made out of love for me...Do you ever feel like you do not deserve someone's love? Do you ever feel like the love someone loves you with is crazy big?? That is the type of love my husband offers me. He has been there for me, for 25 years. He has held my hand before surgery, during chemo and driven me to the hospital countless times...He lets me cry all over him and never chides me for getting snot all over his shoulder.
He loves me. He is God's gift to me. He is God's protection over me. He is my best friend.
On a less "mushy" note, got my bike shirt for my Pink Ribbon Bike ride in June. ISN'T IT THE COOLEST?? It is the first ever bike jersey for me! It has a pink pocket on the back to stick stuff in.

Thank you sweetheart for loving me.. Thank You Lord God, for giving me my husband. He truly is a gift from Your hand to my heart. Help him Lord to continue to love You with all his heart, all his mind and all his strength and all his soul.

You are faithful Lord God,
I love You,

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