Sunday, May 2, 2010

Call upon Me..

I'm not tellin' where this is. I am going to see if anyone out there actually pays attention to all this typing! First one to tell me is the grand winner of __________!

This rock is one of my absolute favorite places to go here in Northern Michigan. There--your only hint!

Praises/Prayer requests:
First off, my Mom saw the cardiologist and he said her valve is not near as bad as originally thought(which is why he did the test to begin with) She is not looking at a valve replacement right away, but perhaps years from now. It was so great to hear him say that, and watch Mom's reaction. Thank You Lord...
Second, we know a lady who had been quite ill. God helped her get better and I saw her today--what a difference from our initial visit to this afternoon. It was like night and day! Praise Your name Lord God!
I had a severe stomach/lower abdominal ache Wednesday got better before I went to bed. Tim went to small group and they all prayed for me--I could tell too. Once more, thank You Lord..
Request: for my Mom as she approaches Steve's birthday this is going to be difficult for all of us, in different ways. Imagine for a second, your husband having cancer and dying. Years later, your daughter gets breast cancer and while she is in the midst of treatment, your only son gets diagnosed with it!!!! Then 18 months later, your son succumbs to cancer....I try to insert that scenario into my mind's thinking and I cannot. I try to think of my husband gone, like Amy faces every single day, and I can't. The only thing I can know is my only sibling is now in hurts in ways I cannot express.. So this week, please pray for all of us.

Thank you--I can tell when God's people are lifting us up. I really can.

Another praise: Tim and I were able to get away Saturday to Sunday..we left the girls home with a fresh batch of groceries, and took off to our favorite place. Despite all the bills that seemed to converge this past month, we were still able to go--and we are both feeling refreshed. That is a gift from God's hand to ours. I love my sweetheart..He takes such good care of me.

The longer I live and breathe, I realize that prayer is not about getting what I want. Prayer is about taking the request I have to God and waiting for Him to show me what He wants. In this process, I am changed as I wait on Him. He is the only One who can change hearts--especially mine...I am grateful for this past week because I got to see with my eyes, true answers to prayer and that encourages me to keep at it. Praying for others is hard, most days, unrewarding work. But that is what is changing in my soul. As I pray, I am sensing God changing me--mostly because I am with Him, beseeching Him, begging Him for x, y and z and He hears my cry..

My friend Doc used to say Jeremiah 33:3 is God's phone number.

"Call upon Me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things which you do not know."

I'm calling on You Lord!

P.S. Rachel just entered the bloggy world! Go to The name of it is Proverbs 3:5-6.

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