Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Shorty's Epic Ride, Daddy's Day, Piano Recital

Teresa and I rode last Saturday and helped raise some funds for local breast cancer patients. So far, 260 riders helped raise (plus sponsors) a little over $44,000!!! They helped over 240 women get mammograms last year and 4 women got breast biopsies paid for. I was humbled to be part of it, with Teresa at my side. We made some precious memories!! Hannah and Rachel missed it b/c they had an epic babysitting year, I pray all 4 of us Zowada girls can ride in it! Thanks Tim for being there and taking pics!! I love you...
After it was over, we were both sore, but happy to do something together! Shorty(Teresa) rode 7 miles with me, then I left her with her Daddy and did 20.
This is our biker babe pose...we were trying to look tough..

Here we are, in Boyne City, starting out!
The first ever, gas grill for our home! We all pitched in and got it for Tim for Father's Day..
Fire, smoke, meat--he's one happy boy! Thank You Lord--every perfect gift is from Your hand.
Teresa had her School's Out Piano Recital last Friday night. I sang The Old Rugged Cross while she played. I am so proud of her! My Daddy used to whistle that tune while he was outside puttering around the yard--I heard it before I knew what the tune was.
I love you sweet are a gift from God to my heart!

To the God Who Sees Me,

I love You,

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