Tuesday, August 3, 2010


On the eve of test results, I am peace filled. Nervous? Yes. A bit frightened? Yes.
Remember the verse I shared last time? From Psalm 94:19???

"When my anxious thoughts multiply within me, Your consolations delight my soul."

I love the bottom scraping honesty the Psalmist uses here. He does not hide the fact he has been anxious. He says he has those anxious thoughts MULTIPLY within him. I guess he hadn't read Philippians 4:6 yet right Lord??
He does not stop there. He goes on to tell me, a woman wondering what I will find out tomorrow, that God's consolations delight his soul.
That tells me two things:
1) He is looking to God for help.
2)He knows God's help, His consoling, with bring delight, not anxiety, to him.

Wow..that's amazing to me..

I have had many trips down a two track labeled "what if" today. Many..even when I tell myself the truth, pray and beg God for a break, the thoughts come ZOOMING through..it's crazy..

Read on to see how God has brought consolation to me these past few days..

*My daughter Hannah, has a blog named:www.achinglytransparent.blogspot.com. Her last post was about fear. She is quite the writer and I am busting with pride as I see a young woman putting her trust in God. She is waiting too..

*Rachel got a new Bible for her birthday. She has been reading it with great joy! I even saw her take it on our camping trip last week. I walk into the camper and her she is, sprawled out on her bed, soaking up God's Word.

* My son, fixing an incredible, very tasty dinner the night I got home from my tests, and I was so beat..he is such a great chef!!!

*After my 150mg of prednisone for my CAT scan...I couldn't sleep. I waddled out here, looking for something and tripped on a book in the hallway. It was a journal of sorts, a collection of drawings and lists belonging to Teresa. She had this pictoral of Psalm 23, verse by verse, and I loved her rendition of Jesus and herself as a sheep. She draws so well...but what hit my mommy's heart was the detail she gave to Jesus and how each picture went with each verse so well. "You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies.." had a fluffy sheep, sitting at a luxurious table, eating, and Jesus standing right next to her, with His sheperd's staff. I didn't notice the enemies, because I was concentrating on Jesus too much. Stick figure Jesus, with bushy beard, was watching over the sheep, smiling..

* My sweetheart and I on a bike ride last night and him telling me I was beautiful and his very best friend.

*Praying this morning for God's provision with my girls--August is a huge month financially--and having an unexpected check today, from work Tim did over 10 years ago.

*Talking with a dear, dear friend, who is like a daddy to me, this evening..he had a big surgery and was having a difficult time with a nasty spinal headache..now, almost 3 weeks later, he is feeling better and was even outside a little today. He shared a verse with me I had read this morning. Coincidence? Hardly. The verse? "And He has said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness." IICor. 12:9
We had been lifting him and his precious wife up to the throne of grace...it was so good to hear his voice!

* Ladies, dear saints, dear sisters, calling me and praying for me over the phone.

*Emails and comments, all filled with encouragement..

*People telling me they are praying for me and their eyes say more than their words..

I thank You Lord for Your consolations..they truly bring delight to my soul.

I am waiting on You Lord, for You already know the results. I trust You.
Your grace is sufficient.

I love You Lord,


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