Monday, August 23, 2010


Mom is in surgery. I watched her go down the hall, donning her fancy blue hair net, and breathed one last prayer over her. If I could choose a word to describe her this morning it would be peace.

I came back to the waiting room and opened one of my devotionals.
Here's the first sentence of August 23rds entry:
"ENTRUST YOUR LOVED ONES TO ME; release them into My protective care."

I was floored!
As I read more, my heart was deeply encouraged.

The last paragraph holds this gem: "When you release your loved ones to Me, you are free to cling to My hand."

That my dear readers is a "God thing." Pure and simple.

A few minutes later my pastor showed up. People have no idea how they bless others when they come to a hospital waiting room. He visited with me until they let us go back to Mom's side. His prayer for her was genuine. I have been incredibly blessed by this guy and his gutsy love for Jesus Christ. Not gutsy because he showed up at 5:30am to visit and pray, but because he lives like he loves Jesus--it's real.

While I wait I pray and try not to fall asleep. Hopefully Wednesday Mom will come home and be in her house while we help her and take care of her. I'd appreciate your prayers for her strength and for her pain--last time it was really difficult to manage.

Thank you--I'll do my best to keep you posted. Keep her in your prayers..
Tim's Mom was able to visit last week after her week long stay in Traverse City! It was great to see her again and guess what?? She has knee surgery in 3 days! What is it with Mom's and knee replacements??

Sunday home from a Houck family reunion. All my kids were able to be there. Missed Steve terribly and his family too. Tim drove down the old ford my Dad used to have. My cousin's hubby is going to put a new bed on it and other car repair type of things he is truly good at. Tim actually drove it with no bed and the the newer doors for it, fixed to the frame looked very comical but it got there! We are excited to have it done and have a "farm" truck to use again!!

I went to the zoo with my cousin and had a blast. Zoos and kids are a winner every time!!
I am grateful for the blessing of her family. God knew I needed that.

Teresa has a bunny in the fair this week. I felt like a mom leaving a kid at day care!

(2nd photo above) Zippy, our newest family member, sits pretty in Rachel's room. She makes me laugh! Rachel loves her except whens she runs laps around her cage at 6am.

Gotta go---will write more later..

He is faithful,

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