Saturday, August 7, 2010


If you go to this link,
you can read about how the high school weight lifting building in Carson City is being renamed to honor my brother. I felt sad, pleased, proud and heavy hearted, after reading it. I miss him so much. I cannot imagine how his family misses him..can you imagine reading an article about your spouse or your dad in the paper after he died?? I cannot...but I still miss him. I always will. Always..

So I spent a lot of time praying..he left a gaping hole in the community and in people's hearts. I prayed that the hole would begin healing, in God's time and in God's way. I prayed for his wife and his sons..Oh God, please minister to them in a way only You them Your love, Your mercy, Your provision, Your grace..please help them as they start a new football season without him..please Jesus.

The girls and I had our second degree black belt testing finale yesterday!! I still can hear Steve's voice admonishing me when I tested for the first degree black belt the summer of his death.. He told me I could do it. He believed in me. He focused more on me than what I was trying to accomplish--which I think is one of many aspects, that made him a great coach.

When I saw the new, gold stripe on my black belt--I wanted to bawl..I had to swallow a big ole knot in my throat..Mom was there to see it and so was my husband. Another goal accomplished by the grace and strength God provided and a brother who believed I could.

I did it brother!! I got my second degree black belt!! I scored highest in the class!!! You were right all along, I could do it..

I am so proud of you and the legacy you left for you sons and your wife and the community you ministered in and to.

I miss you,

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