Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Flip flop chick

I normally walk outside because I love being there. Even when it's windy, cold, snowy, it just doesn't matter. I love the rawness of it all and it reinvigorates my soul!!

Tonight I got out of a meeting late (5pm) and it was already getting dark.. I really wanted to walk down by the bay..but common sense opted for the local college track.

I get on my jazz, say hi to a few people, walk with a friend and then I see her. FLIP FLOP CHICK.

The love handles on one side, were exposed, and I finally decided it wasn't intentional..must've been a clothing malfunction(don't ask) The clothing she chose to wear accentuated bouncing and jiggling. Her right hand swung WAY back behind her with every, flip floppin' step! This woman was comfortable in her own skin and she was "workin' it" if you know what I mean!!!!!!!!!!!

Meanwhile, me, comfortable in my own skin as a 49 year old gal can be, was to trying desperately to pass! I do this when I go to the gym and I usually feel pretty good about myself if I can catch someone who is really hoofin' it and pass them--it's the competitive she beast in me...

Flip flop babe kept glancing over her shoulder--and each time I got relatively close, she would speed up!!!

See why I like walking outside??

I must admit I did finally RUN past her, if only for a few steps---I couldn't handle the drama any longer!!!!


Mom was over for homemade chicken pot pie tonight....yummy...Teresa made the crust for it today--it sure tasted good.And Teresa and I also made what we affectionately call "the guts" of the pot pie.. I even added some bok choy to it and it sure tasted amazing!!
We are still waiting for the results of Mom's biopsy--and it is obvious to me God's people are praying because I am at peace and so is she. Thank you so much....I am finding great comfort in knowing and believing
God already knows what the "results" are.

Once more, in a situation like this, where fear and anxiety threaten to undo me,
I turn to God's Word.

Isaiah 41:10 says, "Do not fear, for I am with you." That's God talking.

Isaiah 40:30, 31 states, " Though youths grow weary and vigorous young men stumble badly,
yet those who wait for the LORD will gain new strength..."
Another way to say wait here is "hope in."

That is what I am doing, Mom is too. We are hoping in the Lord, no matter what. He is our strength, in all situations. ALL.

You are faithful Lord,

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