Thursday, November 18, 2010

I still do 26 years later

Darling, you are the man God chose for me. I am grateful, humbled and thrilled you said I do all over again!! (Last year at our party)
For better or worse, richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, you have loved me like Christ has loved the church..with sacrifice and fierce love.
We spoke our original vows last year. You are so handsome!!
That kiss..has melted me for 26 years!!! Oh how I love you!
My strong, handsome son Nathan. Teresa, Rachel and Hannah, my three gorgeous daughters. Tangible visages of our love.

Last night we celebrated our 26th anniversary as a family. Tim and I were supposed to go out for dinner, ended up having Thai take out for 7!! Wow, was it good! There were even leftovers. Mom joined us and I sat there, soaking up my family. I am blessed beyond the ability to humanly measure. I am grateful for each one of them and the gifts they bring me. I am keenly aware of those I miss, so those thoughts meld into a blend of sweetly sad.

I love my husband more that I ever thought I could. Our life together has been crammed full of fun, 4 children, little money, lots of love, cars that make us crazy, serving God in church, diapers, meals around the table, trips out west, giving things away in secret, deaths of our fathers, financial stress, sick children in the night, singing, prayer, cancer, more prayer, lying together at night wondering outloud to God for our future, and more than this blog post could hold...

You have stayed with me darling. You have loved me when I am unlovely. You have chose to encourage me, challenge me and pray with me. You forgive easily and hold no grudges. You are a great dad to our babies. I love you with all my heart.

Happy 26th my bold, daring, maverick man,
your wife

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