Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Merciful Blessings, Birthdays and Barfies

I saw her working on this cross. She used some trim from one of the bedrooms. A woodburner etched in the words. Teresa headed out the door, with her memorial in hand, and I said, "Wait a second honey, I'll get my coat and go with you."
"Mom, " she spoke firmly, "I need to go by myself."
I think my daughter is growing up. I went back just a few days ago and snapped this pic of her handiwork. I like the turkey feather touch don't you?
My Dad's 1978 F-150. Last summer. First it was ours, then our friend Jay drove it, then we bought it back, then it went to a coworker of Tim's and then we got it was one, sad, worn out truck. It sat for 5 years and one day Tim decided to try and start it up.. VROOOMM! That was when he sold his willys jeep and began stockpiling the money to turn tired truck into farm truck...
Here it is!!!!!!! My cousin's husband did a fine job; we now have a truck Tim's guy friends are envious of! We do have the F that goes on the front, but the clips to hold it in place are no longer manufactured. Oh well. Guess we'll have to drive an ORD. Dad must be smiling--Steve too! I love hearing that old engine again..
Last Saturday Mom lost her power to her computer and her phone. Tim went over and switched the breaker back. Black smoke started coming out of her wall, through one of her plug ins! Dont' worry, he took care of things before anything worse happened!! After much digging outside on her cozy nest, he found the culprit!
This is a big, big no no in the electric wiring world. It has to do with splicing with one type of wire onto another type of wire. We are praising God that the breaker did it's thing and no more damage was done...thank You we just have to put her house back together!!! Tim fixed it last night, even feeling sick. I have a fantastic husband!
And silly too! We had a blast on his 49th birthday. We missed Nathan though..more to come on his mission trip to Mexico..God has done a great work in his heart let me tell ya'!
Happy Birthday are the man for me..I love you my ORD drivin, electric wire fixin', razor makin' man!!

The stomach flu revisited us this past week...First Rachel, then 1 hour later Teresa, then Tim and then today, Hannah...Tim and Hannah didn't get the barfies, but they sure have been strung out with fevers...
Nathan and I are praying for God's mercy..

I went out to take pics the other day while all the sickie ickies were sleeping..I needed a break from disinfecting and bucket emptying and laundry..
I decided to praise God and count my blessings instead of whine, murmur and complain.
Being outside is the conduit for God to speak to me and I was tenderly reminded of His great love for me.
I heard it first, then my eyes saw it---our first ROBIN!!!
I would have missed it if I'd stayed inside.

Thank You Lord, You knew I needed that cheery, happy sight!

Spring is coming--even though we got about 6 inches of snow last night!!

You are faithful,

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