Monday, April 4, 2011

To and fro

"For the eyes of the LORD move to and fro throughout the earth that He may strongly support those whose heart are completely His." II Chronicles 16:9

To and fro. I imagine God's eyes scanning the coverings of the shell called earth, seeking, searching for hearts that are "completely His." For more wow factor on this, take a peek at Zechariah 2:13--God has a covert ops group of angels, doing the same! Honest!!

He is not looking for how much money we make.
He isn't searching for how clean our houses are..
He is not after doctorates, SAT or ACT scores or GPA's, or scholarships.

Completely His.
He will strongly support you and I if our hearts are completely His.
That is a promise dear one.

Will you believe?

If you read the next sentence, it says "You have acted foolishly in this. Indeed, from now on you will surely have wars."
Asa the king of Judah, sought after God's heart for YEARS!!!
In comes another threat and instead of doing what he knows works, he diverts his devotions and affections and ambitions to lesser things.

Bad choice buddy.

Now he has wars..
He doesn't appreciate what was said to him about the to and fro ability of God's eyes and throws the guy in jail!
Ever have someone speak truth to you and you "throw them in jail??"
Asa pitches a high and mighty fit.
His feet get a disease.
He does not seek God's help but other "physicians."
He dies.
This was a king who used to give God glory and credit...
Pride found his heart and latched on for dear death..

I want my life to end well.
I want people to say good things about my God, my Jesus, because I was His vessel.
I want God's eyes to fall on me...on my family..

I did not get picked for the SheSpeaks scholarship-- I am ok with that.
I put a "button" up for you to see called "Multitudes on Mondays," from Ann's blog.
The idea is to come up with multitudes of thanks and praise for ordinary, mundane, blessings.
Pride ruins gratitude. Pride hates to be thankful. Pride is me focused. Me, me, me.
Grateful hearts open wide for what God has for them..
Will you be grateful today?
Will you practice more??
I am doing this until Easter..

My list this Monday:
7 gifts (good and perfect)
1) no bake cookies
2) warm showers
3) daughter's cheeks for kissing
4)bird songs
5)a son's plea for prayer
6)homemade meal delivery to a family who is hurting
7)good steak!

Remember God's eyes are searching for hearts that are completely His.
One way to make that happen is to be grateful in all things....everyday life things.

He is faithful,

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