Monday, January 16, 2012

I will always love you

 My mom will always love me.  She has been an example of faith and love to me over the decades.

 Yummy homemade a Saturday tradition...\Here she is at the restaurant, huffin' and a puffin'!

A glorious burst of sun in our woods while I'm out burning off birthday brunch calories.

My has had intense bursts of  grief and pain in these 75 years of hers.  She has buried a husband to cancer at a young age (49) and a son.(45)  TWO.
 Then there's me diagnosed as well, but still able to hear her blow out her candles.  Her life is a testimony of God's provision and might.  She relies on Him, trusts in Him and believes in Him.  She is a grandmother to 9 grandchildren--and loves each of them dearly.  She has been steadfast in times of trouble.  I still walk in and see her with her Bible on her lap, reading, soaking up the words because they are her very life.
I count her as a friend and a mom.  A double blessing.  She encourages.  She prays---hard.  She worries still like only a mom is able.
I am grateful Lord for the gift of my mom.  Bless her with peace Lord. Fill her aches and pains of grief and rejection with Your comfort and peace.

Happy 75th birthday momma,
I love you,

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