Sunday, December 8, 2013

A New Knee

The scar doesn't look too bad. The pain is intense however, it's as though my knee is loaded with tiny, screaming tissue, and these tyrants like to be still.
This is the antithesis of progression in the knee healing world-I've GOT to bend it, move it,
Stretch it, and actively pursue The Bend. This is the Holy Grail for total knee patients.

Three weeks tomorrow-21 days of healing. I am grateful for family, friends, meds, meals brought over, phone calls, presents sent in the mail, physical therapy and ice machines.

I cannot believe how cross I can be and how many times I've severed my family's heart strings with sarcastic, caustic words...

I go to Jesus a lot and ask Him for forgiveness and then to my family..

A humbling time this is..I am grateful for their crazy love towards me.

In other news, mom has been taking me to PT, and she has been driving our suburban!
If that doesn't help you smile, I don't know what could!

One day, while I napped, the girls decorated for Christmas. Over the next couple
Days, they managed to find a suitable tree on our property, get Hannah's
Boyfriend to cut it down, and up it went, lights, decorations, and still waiting for
Daddy to place the angel on top.

Life here has been nuts; Tim has been running forth and back to town, delivering
Girls here and there. We thank God for one friend, who helps with this on our craziest
Days..She is a blessing to be certain.

I'm fighting discouragement folks--honestly, I did not think
This surgery would have such a tough recovery time.
It's going to be ok, but I'm in it now and covet your prayers.
Pray I will be brave,
Pray I will be kind to my sweet, serving family
And pray God will provide. Tim has missed much work
In all this.
Just yesterday, we received a gift from dear friends, talk
About perfect timing God!!!

Finally, this song by Mandisa, Overcomer, has fueled quite the fire
In my soul!!!
Take the 4 minutes to listen, watch.

He is Immanuel,

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