Saturday, December 21, 2013


My Christmas list is in my Bible.  I just wrote it up last night.  It's big to me, mostly because my physical limits, well, they limit me? I am basically learning how to properly walk again?  Heel. Toe.  Heel. Toe. Don't swing your leg out to the going all over tarnation shopping has little appeal.

I may or may not get them all.  I don't know.  But one thing I DO know is that if I don't, we will still have a good Christmas.

Seems like most of my life, I've equated a good Christmas with several packages under the tree, or equal amounts spent on each child.  I've compared others people's Christmas tree bundles under their tree and often felt crazy I do this, but I do! I have! Silly isn't it?

I was reading this am of Mary and Joseph presenting their offering according to the Law, when Jesus was dedicated at the temple.  Turtle doves.  Leviticus told me that when people couldn't afford a lamb, this was the alternative.  This info reminded me that this precious couple was not loaded.  And yet, God in His mercy, provided a way for them to make their sacrifice and still receive it from them.

I liked that.

This Christmas I can honestly say, I'm ok with less.  When I was bald, from chemo, in 2007, all I wanted was my family around me.  Now I have hair which desperately needs cutting, it's 2013, and all I want is my family around me.

Another event that has shaped this Christmas and me being ok with less..
Rachel sponsors a little girl in the Philippines.  For about 2 scary weeks, we did not know if she and her family survived the typhoon.  Finally Rachel hears.  Their family is alive. Their home. Destroyed. Gone.

 I read her letter to Rachel, which is so typical of a 5-6 year old. She wrote it before the typhoon hit.
 I see her drawings and it's titled
"My house and the toys I like" and there is a tiny drawing of her house..I choked back tears..

I have a home.  I have a warm bed.  A winter coat.  A car that goes in the snow pretty well.  I have a fridg with food.  I have clothes and socks and shoes.  And most importantly, a family I love and they love me.

This is what I will be content with this Christmas. I'm not making a sacrifice like Mary and Joseph, but I am giving God my heart, my attitude and all I have.

It will be a good Christmas because I am going to purposely focus on the Child.  The God wrapped in pink baby skin.  Emmanuel.  God with us.

He is faithful,

P.S. This is what Hannah posted to the cupboard for me this am!  Now this is a list I will enjoy doing!

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