Sunday, December 15, 2013

Rejoice always..

I was rushing around this am, hurting pretty badly, and trying to get a gift made.  I calligraphy a passage from Scripture, place it in a frame and ta-da. A gift.

It took 8 tries I think?  I kept messing up the size, then the words, then a spot of ink...kept at it,
FINALLY, got one I liked well enough to put in a frame.

I like giving God's Word, because it's everlasting.  At different moments in my life, these verses reflect my heart's attitude.  Today, not such a great one.

Rejoice always.

Even when my leg aches deep and loud Lord?  Even when I am so bummed I have to stay home again?  Even when I only have purchased TWO Christmas gifts? Even if I have no appetite and nothing sounds good?

Yes dear one. Rejoicing isn't dependent upon circumstances, your emotion and the number of Christmas gifts under the tree. Rejoicing wells up from the Spirit within.  

Pray without ceasing.

I do ok with this one Lord.  I  mean, I talk with You all day long.  Mostly complaining lately, but it's still conversation?  I pray for others and this helps me take the microscopic lens off me.  Help me God to focus on talking to You.  Especially when I am in so much pain.

I love it when you talk to Me dear one.  I listen, I hear and I act, sometimes without you ever noticing. Keep talking to Me.  It is not ever wasted time.

In everything give thanks.

I get this Lord. In is a very important word.  It means, like during, while you are going through it, and in the midst of whatever trial, suffering, affliction I am "in."  I am trying?  Giving thanks while I am in pain is really hard because the pain overrules everything?  So I am remembering my friend Becky and her example.  She had Your JOY all over her face and she was in WAY more pain than me.

Dear One when you utter thanks to Me during a trial, it turns your attentions towards Me and away from 
your struggles.  Keep practicing this.  Do so often.  Giving thanks wards off the terminal diseases of ungratefulness, bitterness and anger.  

For this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.

I remember reading this thick, huge book with the title having something to do with knowing God's will when I was a new Believer.  Wow.  I thought I had to decipher God's will, like they do the clues in the movie National Treasure? Nope.  Here it is, plain and simple.  All those verses above?  Do them.  They are God's will, His desire for me.  Nothing mystical here.  No deciphering needed.  Mostly a willing, obedient heart.

Dear one, I love you.  My will for you is not meant to be hard, difficult or burdensome.  It is meant to bring you peace, joy and glorify Me.  When others see you being thankful, even when you hurt and your knee isn't doing what the PT wants, it brings glory to Me.  Give me your pain.  Your disappointments.. Let Me know. And trust Me.  I am with you dear one.  I will never leave you nor forsake you.  I will never say, "hmmm...this Bonnie girl is SUCH a pain! "  I will always love you..

Boy does my knee throb.  Time to hit the ice.  It's been "down" for a while and I am not kidding, the size of a softball..
Whoever is reading this, God loves you.  No matter what.
Let Him will you?

He is faithful,

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