Monday, February 10, 2014

Cold comfort

Hit by a nasty cold this am.. Nose dripping, coughing, Kleenex burn under the nose, tea with honey, etc. etc.

The mail came chock full of notes from our Samaritan Ministry people .. This is the month my knee replacement is paid in full, by people I've never met, writing me comforting cards and notes!! (and sending their allocated portions)

Even though I feel cruddy, my heart is full of encouragement.

Boy did I need that.. I cried on the way home today when I heard "Bless the Lord O my soul, o my soul, worship His holy name, sing like never before, o my soul, I worship His holy name.."Matt Redmond
From his CD 10,000 Reasons.

Why you wonder??

I miss my friend Becky Lynn Black. She's been with Jesus since November 2, 2013-
3 months ago.
She chose this song for her celebration service.
When I stayed with her, I knew she really liked this song, so I was humming it quite frequently. One day she quipped"Bonnie , will you stop singing that! Now I'll have it playing through my head all night long !"
She wasn't being cross mind you, simply being herself.

I started humming Jesus Loves Me and we both busted up laughing!!

Recently, I found a photo of her, in her bed, with her newest grand baby, her thinning shoulders wrapped with the shawl I gave her, and a totally Spirit filled up to the brim, smile on her face..

That was Becky. She lived Christ. I am so blessed to have met her, gotten to know her and her sweet family..

But today, my heart aches for her bubbly, one of a kind, encouragement.. She would share such timeless truths, frequently using Scripture to hold out as the precious gem that it is--it's as if she could sift through all the rubbish and get right down to the root of why I really wrote my email to her in the first place and --
Place a beautiful gem of encouragement right at my feet..

Makes me want to emulate this on my life-- and makes me want to stay connected to the One she lived for.

Thanks friend. I love you and miss you.


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