Friday, March 7, 2014

Time sucker

The book of face is ironic don't you think?  I mean, you sit, reading post after post, not really seeing anyone face to face. I've been sucked in this past month and I am taking a break..
I'm not trying to be all self righteous. I simply know when I am bowing at an idol's feet. It tugs at me when I'm home alone. 
"Oh, I'll check on what that person said about this person's status."
I go there when I'm bored.
Some days I laugh out loud, which is good.
Most days, though, I'm floored by what captures my attention.
Do I really care that some couple set a lion free and it comes back and jumps up on them as if to eat their head?
I guess I do because I sat and watched it!

Maybe I'll just give it up altogether. 

I like to read.  Books.  You know the kind with pages? No swiping. (When I was a child, the word swipe meant to steal....)

I like to bend them back, mark them up, and put them on a shelf alphabetically.

I also enjoy conversation.  You know, the kind with a real, live, hairy/smooth
person sitting next to you?  I can see their eyes twinkle.  I see their shoulders tense or the corners of their mouth turn down.  It's real.
Oh and you can hear their voice?  You know, the one you use without your thumbs? 

Over the next few weeks approaching Easter, I am going to read books.
And I am going to purposely talk with real, live people. Hairy or smooth, it won't matter.

(insert smile)

You are faithful God,

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