Monday, April 21, 2014

Dream trip

Grand Canyon.  We tried to make it there two years ago as a family.
Trusty rusty suburban had terminal air conditioning sickness. Trip was scrapped. We went to Gitchee Gumee Bible Camp instead, which was a grand time, but it wasn't the canyon..

Mom had this hat all picked out; and each time I used her little car, which had a very healthy air conditioning, it would wince at me from her back seat. "Take me to the Grand Canyon" it said. 

I wanted to go before she had her big heart valve surgery of 2013..but it wasn't meant to be.

Truth be told, 2013 was a horrendous year of trials; mom's surgery, then Teresa's knee surgery 2 weeks later, Tim breaking 5 ribs in a motorcycle accident and 2 months of virtually no income, my dear friend Becky going to Heaven, and my knee replacement surgery not far after that..

I had pretty much given up on this Grand Canyon idea.  All our savings gobbled up to live, due to Tim's accident.  None left for epic travel.

My VW bug also had a terminal disease of no fix em.  The frame needed some life saving surgery itself, which my guy here was not a specialist in.  I decided to sell it and use the money to buy two tickets to AZ for mom and me.  After the sale, I had just enough left for a few essentials before our trip!

We stayed with her sister and hubby in Phoenix.  Met her other sister right before she returned to MI.

Then two days at the whee.

Constantly changing colors.
Head spinning vistas.
Joy unspeakable.

A dream come true.

My heart is busting with gratitude God.  Thank You for helping us get there. For and aunt and uncle who loved on us, drove us all over tarnation, fed us, laughed with us and enjoyed Your Creation with us.  I am grateful for family.

             I got mom a new hat, which she is sporting in this photo! 

He is faithful,


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