Monday, May 5, 2014

Cruising on your birthday

20 acres.  I haven't cruised--marked timber since I can't remember when!
A new knee makes it fun.  I was crashing through stuff, stepping onto stuff and overall having a great time. My paint gun is busted which meant I had to resort to regular spray paint...
A few times today I felt like I was "detailing" trees, not marking them.

Anyhow, I was headed up another hill and noticed a heap of turkey vultures circling in the field. (in bird circles, they are called a "kettle") (no kidding)

In the midst of these huge birds was a BIGGER bird, an EAGLE!
Why on earth an eagle was hanging out with vultures, I'll never know--maybe the food?

Seeing the eagle reminded me of you Steve.  Today, you are 50 on earth.  Fifty.
We would have had such a party for you!!! I miss you lots brother.  I miss your family.  I miss your encouragement.  I miss you sticking out your tongue! I miss you teasing Hannah...and I miss how you read the Word over the phone to me.

Mr. Eagle flew to the West.  I headed north.  I heard a "fwip, fwip, fwip" noise which to my ears, means a raven. Their wings make the greatest sound when they fly over.

It wasn't a raven.  It was Mr. Eagle!! He was so low I could see his talons, his beak, and to HEAR his wings!! OH WOW!!  I was thrilled..

He flew over my right shoulder, then in front of me, then to the West was like he was taking his sweet ole time and I stood there and cried..

My God brought an eagle to me on your birthday brother!  The same God you stand before?  That amazing, holy, mighty God?  The One Who called you Home to Heaven, the One Who held mom when you died?  That God.

I miss you.  I still do not understand why. I am here.  You are There.

Today is your birthday and I love you.

Happy Birthday Steve,

Your sister for always,


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